An event occurring in roughly 1500 BH, which caused the Sundering, the disruption of magic, and the disappearance of the gods.

Before the Cataclysm, it is said that the Firstcomers lived at peace with the world and the gods for eons, channelling their divine magic as easy as breathing, using it to shape the natural world to their whim.

It is said that the Firstcomers enjoyed the feeling of control this gave them, and hungered for more, becoming jealous and resentful of the gods who made them.

All of the Firstcomer tribes gathered at Valdoreth, the highest mountain in Westholm, and used their magic to hollow out the mountain and build a city for themselves. There they collected, controlled, and amassed a great store of divine power. Where once divinity had flowed freely everywhere, imbuing all things, now it was drawn to Valdoreth, where the Firstcomers sought to capture and hold magic in their city and their bodies. By doing so, they hoped to Ascend to the level of their gods.

The stories differ on what precisely caused the Cataclysm, whether it was the gods punishing the Firstcomers, the Firstcomers losing control of the magic they had gathered, or Virden herself rebelling against their manipulations. What the stories agree on, however, is that the Firstcomers were forever changed from their original forms into the native races of Westholm, that the free flow of magic became violently disrupted and volatile, and that Valdoreth itself erupted, flooding the city of the Firstcomers with fire and lava, blotting out the sun, and blighting the fertile plain below.


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