Paths of Westholm

The Musings of a Mage - 008

Erlin Centerel is a lyer, probably a cultist, and I’m almost certain he is the reason Kyrim is no longer on the Prime Material.

The recent library raid ( in which I have only left to give Drig some reassurances in his current staring contest.. which is still going on!) has brought me to this conclusion.

Let me try to put this in order as best I can. One of the tomes I found in the off-limits archive are records of Erlin Centerel and his access to the Ascension sections… that combined with the later memory I stole from the sleeping memory of Master Furlin got me thinking.
Master Furlin remembers a very heated conversation with Centerel and his attempts to access the resources of Ascension magic.. this could be for a number of reasons but I believe I may have a hypothesis as to what the fuck is going on and it’s not good.

Centerel was either contacted by cultists of Urtgothoa, contacted them, created them or some other variation, but for some reason he colluded with them to sacrifice the entire city of Kyrem to the dark God.

He began to fund them. He had plenty of loot for this, and he helped them to build a lair in the basement of The Golden Goblet, and Inn located in his section of the city, the Glitter District. The Dark God however would need souls. The souls of the people of Kyrim. But in order to get these souls he would need them to be coaxed into the sacrifice willingly. He needed the masses to become desperate, so he did what he could to impoverish the city further. He withheld all of his donations to the needy . When I checked the public records him and Funge donated the least out of all of the merchant princes. Funge is a greedy, selfish fuck but at least he has changed his ways.. and I believe he may be a friend of Dimos Klar.

This is how it started. But Centerel needed to sacrifice the entire city. And he is far from a skilled magician. Divine magic may come easier for him, I do not know the way of such things, but he is no wizard… shit, he’s not even sorcerer material.

But he knew enough to go to the Scolera to figure out how best to do this. So he started researching matters most dark, and learned a little bit about the Damascus Engine. However, Firlin decided he was researching dangerous material and forbid him from further visits.

But Centerel had already learned what he needed to learn… there was a way to transport an entire city across the planes… The Damascus Engine! And more information could come from House Klar regarding that device.

But he couldn’t get that information from Dimos, or Keleran, but Avasta.. Oh that bitch he could buy! She sold out her masters. I’m sure he lied to her.. he most likely did not say. “Mistress Avasta, I would like to create this Machine so I can transport all of Kyrim to the realm of my dark God so I can sacrifice the city and elevate myself in her glory…” but she sold him what he wanted. Most likely half before he put it together, the later half afterwards… but I’m pretty sure we were there for the second ‘okay it worked now pay me’ meetings.

When we first met the Orphan Bard Niko Damascus it was right after Charlie (I think that was her name? Big tall blonde bitch that kept us from killing the cultists the FIRST time we met them because she knew EXACTLY where they were because she was on the same payroll as THEM!) was meeting Avasta. Why the fuck would Erlin Centerels first soldier be meeting Avasta in a GODDAMN BAR unless she was paying her off! And then that bitch RECOGNISED Niko!! Nobody recognises Niko and SHE DID!! Why? Because she knew he was the son of her masters partner and he might be a link back to the machine.. and we might figure some shit out!! There are probably four people in the whole city that don’t think Nikos last name and the name of the machine is a coincidence and that whore is ONE of them and she never told us.. in fact the bitch FORBID us (FORBID US) from accepting him in the group.

She acquiesed eventually but not without threatening that the lady would be displeased.. MEANWHILE she has us buying flowers for some kid while her partner in crime is burning down his estate!! (I still need to get that kid a rabbit)

So the plan may or may not have worked… we certainly aren’t in Urgothoas realm but that doesn’t mean she isn’t on her way here to eat us. Is this all part of the plan or did something go wrong? I don’t know.. maybe I’m way off here but it adds up. The only thing I need to discuss with the group is what to do next? Confront Avasta? Go straight to Erlin? Try to contact Dimos in my old library? Planar communication is tricky at best, and I think I know how the spell works… I have the silver mirror thanks to Drig. Damn, he’s still out there staring at that guy!! I could try to contact my old partner Marcus who ran the library with me… one of the smartest guys I know but damn was he lacking in the Wisdom department… and mean that guys WILLPOWER was LOW!! No Willpower that guy.. he would probably be easier to contact.

I’m also going to go over the Transmucomicon one more time and try to figure out how to create one of these orbs… Time to prepare some spells.



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