Paths of Westholm

The Musings of a Mage - 007

I don’t when I thought of it… maybe it was during our amatuer firefighters escepade earlier this night.. but something clicked. It’s not related to the events we are currently facing, but in a way I feel that this distraction has helped me to look at the fabric of the weave in a different light. However it came about, I need to head back to the room at the inn we all (yes, all of us) stayed in last night…. I need to record this new spell knowledge in my spellbook…

Concerning the matters that created the distraction from my true goals, we have relocated the young Prince of Flowers to the opulant Master Funge. The childs caretaker and a few personal staff seem to be all that remains from the fire that burned down his estate earlier… I will take the night to record my new discoveries in my spellbook, but need to discuss with Chevak if he discerns any fowl play regarding the blaze. Not that I believe he will be forthcoming with any information, but I feel the captain of the guard is beginning to warm up to us.

If there is nothing else my companions wish to attend to I think it wise to check in with House Klar and see how Lady Klar is doing.. it has been a day since I have seen her. Although I really do not know where are current priorities lie, the Monk/Sorcerer seems to be singularly minded in the murder of Dunnish, and although he got his (very expensive for a slave) robe back I feel he would choose to remain and watch the city fall apart in this plane if it meant the Dunnish would die as well… The Magus has lost the powerful sword she had, but maybe it was for the better? The thief leader held up his end of the bargain… surprisingly, and he seems like he would like to work with us.. for now. Nice that we didn’t have to kill him as planned.

We will see how things play out…. I need to get that kid a rabbit


Hi Minzo!

Drig found your journal! Silly to be putting it next to your spell book, Drig likes reading that too. You are very smart!

Anyway, want to kill some wolf-people with me today? I think you’d be good at helping me kill them.


The Musings of a Mage - 007

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