Paths of Westholm

The Musings of a Mage - 006

We are trapped in a cave in. A most unfortunate situation. Luckily Drigg has somewhat of a training in magical aptitude, and has been able to utilize the gem left behind to keep us safely enclosed in the energy sphere the cultists created… so in the elimination of THAT threat we have succeeded.
Our venture into the sewers yielded the results we desired. After a brief encounter with the puddings and sludges that dwell down here we were able to find the cultists base. I also believe we have found the machine that may or may not have transported us here.
The bad thing is, well, the cave in. After disposing of the demon possessed leader of the group the thieves we met down here came and triggered some explosives previously set in the room. I could have flew up to safety in the machinery, but unfortunately Tess was unconscious and I needed to carry her to the safety of the group. The ring the elves have given me excludes the need of food and water, and only requires I sleep two hours a day, although I need a full eight hours or rest and meditation to restore energy needed for spellcasting, however the lack of oxygen could well be the end of us if we do not find a way out quickly… I hope Drigg can hold on.
I never did find out if Morgust was in Kyram.



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