Paths of Westholm

Journal of Drig: 8

In which save the life of a prince, and learn a magic number

9 Wolf-clan Dunnish in the city. I know where they are, and I know how many there are. Now begins the hunt, we will see how good a wolf is at being stalked.

That being said, Hi journal! So we have been in the city now for a little over a week and a half, its a good thing the clock in the city is keeping us on track of days, cause it’d be hard to know the time here without it.

I am excited, Late last night I finally retrieved my masters short robe which he gifted me to help with my transformation, I finally feel complete again! Also with the robe I finally was given a firm number of the Wolf-clan who I need to hunt and destroy. Nine. I hope my friends will help me hunt them down, but if not, I have hunted alone before I can again. Something tells me the little Dunnish girl will help me, she seems to dislike the murderers as much as I do.

The thieves were remarkably honest when they lead us to our belongings, while the man named Quelin (or Quelan, maybe Quelyn, who knows, spelling has never been my strong suite) is holding his word with us, I shall hold mine. However I shall watch him closely, he has tried to kill us before and likely will again, there is no honer among thieves.

We have slept, last night and this, in a new Inn, seeing as our orphan’s hide out is about as safe as sleeping on a giant target. We are getting messages sent to the bank seeing as there are no message centers in this ‘civilized’ town. When trying to reach the child prince we came to learn that his house was on fire. Not good!

We came there just in time to see the entire building up in flames. Recently I have felt like I had the power to negate elemental effects on myself if I wished, and I was able to extend that pain threshold to my friend Belian. Together we ran through the building and evacuated any survivors while the others pulled those on the roof (prince included) to safety.

Aside from a foolish man to jumped from the roof holding a loose rope end (silly man, you need to tie that to something) we saw no casualties.

We saved the princes, lodged him with Funge (who seems very happy we spread word of his generosity) and went back to the Inn to go to bed.

And now I am writing this!


P.S. We stuck all of the princes servants in the orphans hide out, boy he’s gonna be surprised when he finds them there.



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