Paths of Westholm

Journal of Drig: 7

In which we sleep in a sewer, and move to a tower


Wow, I am so happy I am no longer having to concentrate on that little red ball any more, I gave it to our little warrior woman and she used it to tunnel our way out of the cave in! I helped though. Initially I was telling her what I knew about magic, but she made it clear to me that I would be best helping if I was just quiet…

Anyway after we got out we wandered around in a sewer that was FILLED with exploding rocks, arrows and slime monsters… I’m gonna glaze over the boring parts, suffice to say we took a really good nap to get our strength up, AND Belian and myself got to play the awesome Rock tossing game again! We used it to see if there were more fireballs waiting for us.

Once we got out we tried going back into our Inn, but someone had threatened the Inn keeper, so we had to leave (Dunnish bastards) and while we were walking home we were being scried on by magic orbs floating in the sky! After thoroughly wrecking a city block (what with webbing, our singing man feigning a heart attack, and Belian pretending to be a flying machine on top of a building) we realized we could not find any information about what was following us. Tough break for us.

Well we got together back at the singing mans home (it is literally sadder than some of the ditches I have lived in) and arranged a meeting with the thieves guild who stole the blueprints for the machine we saw. Oh yah, almost forgot, the thieves guild killed that blacksmith everyone liked so much (even though she tried to kill me) and stole her blueprints and my robe. So we are gonna see about getting these objects back so we can fix the floating cities predicament (hah! I am using big words now, Minzo has been teaching me!)(he is also teaching me about run on sentences).

Anyway, the little halfling was less than helpful, demanding things of us, which we had rightfully obtained. and we also found out our ninja friend had released the thief we have been dealing with from prison… not cool.


P.S. Oh yah, people kept talking about some secret prince, yadda yadda… magic and the such… rag man… people really spend too much time talking about unimportant thing like princes and stopping me from hunting down and killing the Dunnish…



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